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Mediana zarobków w Rosji w 2018 roku wyniosła 34300 rubli czyli netto 29841 rubli- rubel jest wart 0,0615 co daje nam 1835 złotych netto
Srednia pensja w II kwartale wyniosła 48500 rubli – netto 42915 rubli czyli 2594 złote netto

Jesli natomiast przelizymy to siła nabywcza to wyjdzie nam tak
Real disposable incomes have been declining since 2014, and even a shift to new methodology then didn’t help to lift reported incomes. However, the picture looks better when you adjust the incomes for purchasing power parity and add in the grey incomes. According to the IMF’s estimates for 2018 this means real incomes, including off-the-book payments, are one of the best in the whole of CEE and ahead of several EU countries. These high incomes are the effect of the oil-subsidies that the Kremlin has been pouring into the economy for two decades and the high level of black work and corruption-related income. That extra money puts Russian’s income ahead of even Estonia, which has the highest level of income in nominal dollar terms in the region. In practical terms this means that spending money in Russia goes a little bit further than it does in Estonia, but there is a huge difference when Russian’s leave the country as Estonia’s nominal incomes are close to €2000 a month, whereas Russia’s nominal income is a bit less than 800 euros.